Balloon Party Backdrop

Want a fun way to make your party POP?! (See what we did there?) How about a fun balloon backdrop? It’s an easy way to add color and fun to your party and it’s very inexpensive to make. We used it in our Splash Into Summer Party and our Kids’ Drink Party and it made everything look so fun and festive!

Balloon Party Backdrop Tutorial

And really you can make it in any color you want to fit with the theme of your party. We did bright, fun, summery colors for our party:

How to Make a Balloon Backdrop

Want to make one for your next party? Here’s how!

Balloon Backdrop Tutorial:

Supplies Needed:

  • Large foam board (we found ours at Hobby Lobby)
  • Lots of Balloons of different sizes and colors. We used one pack of water balloons and one variety pack of balloons in different colors and sizes. Depending on how many different colors you want to use you might want to buy 3-4 bags of balloons.
  • Staples (lots of staples!)


Set aside about an hour to make this and enlist help if you can because blowing up those balloons gets hard!

Once you have a bunch of balloons blown up and ready to use, start in one of your top corners and staple one in place:

Balloonbackdropstep1Then begin to work your way down the board at a diagonal stapling balloons close together as you go. I found that it helped to staple them all going in the same direction, at least for this first row. Try to keep them pretty close together but know that as you fill in other colors it will fill in some of the empty space.

How to make a balloon backdrop

Fill in your whole first row: Balloonstep3

Then start on another color and do the same thing.

When you feel like you are about finished, set the backdrop up and see where you still have holes and add balloons there.

This backdrop should last for about 3 days or so, so you can make it a little bit ahead of time as needed.

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Danetta and Amber

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