Splash Into Summer Party!

Summertime!! It’s something we both love! We love being with our boys, spending time at the pool, lazy afternoons, summer treats, warm weather, backyard BBQs, the list could go on.  As summer approached this year we decided to celebrate with a great big Splash into Summer Party for our kids and their friends on the last day of school. We invited everyone over and had candy, food, water games, fun drinks and a great time to officially kick off the season.

Summer Party Ideas for Kids

Even though it ended up being a little bit chilly that day, the kids had an absolute blast and didn’t even mind getting wet.

Here’s a peek at some of the fun we planned for our Splash into Summer Party and ideas for you to use to throw your own.


Splash Into Summer Party:

We started out by inviting everyone over with cute invitations and water guns. You can download and customize these invitations for your party here.


Summer Party Invitations

Our goal was to make this party bright, colorful, cheerful and fun. We started with a fun Balloon Backdrop just to give it a huge pop of color.

Splashpartyspread(Tutorial for Balloon Backdrop)

On our table we decorated with candy (because really, what kid doesn’t want candy at a party!):


Lots of candy!


Lots and lots of candy!


We had cute little bags and boxes for the kids to fill with a variety of candy. If you prefer you can have the bags or boxes already filled and just have a cute little tag on them to use as party favors:


Party Favor Tags

We thought it would be fun to create little box lunches for the kids.

Fun Summer Party Idea

We created a cute little box for the bottom from bright colored card stock and a cardboard bottom, then filled them with a sandwich, bag of chips, water bottle (with cute printable wrapper which you can grab here) and a squirt gun and fun straw.


We also wanted part of the party to involve letting the kids create their own fun, summery mixed drinks.

Kids' Drink Party

We made a full party spread of sodas, juices, flavors and even Pop Rocks for them to have fun creating!

Drink Ideas for Kids

For full details on the drinks part of the party along with recipes to make the drinks, head here.


Kids’ Mixed Drink Party and Recipes

We also threw some colorful and fun toys on the table-water guns, bubble wands, sidewalk chalk, and silly string.

Fun Party Supplies

When the kids showed up we just let them have fun!

Silly string to celebrate summer:


They played a little volleyball: Volleyball

Played with water guns and really, just had a blast!

SquirtThe moms did their own fair share of candy eating and sat in the sun. It was a great day. We were thrilled with the party, the kids were thrilled with the party and we were all thrilled to celebrate summer!

Throw This Party:

Party Supplies Shopping List:


Danetta and Amber

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