Bridal Shower Games

As part of our Lemon Themed Bridal Shower we came up with some fun Bridal Shower Games that you can play at any bridal shower! They are simple but fun and we’ve got three of them. Bridal Shower Bingo, Bridal Shower Taboo and Bridal Shower Questions that you can print and use for your party!

Bridal Shower Games

Hopefully you’ll have a blast playing these at your bridal shower! Pick and choose whichever ones work for you.


Free Printable Bridal Shower Games:

Bridal Shower Bingo:

This game can be played a couple of ways. Either have the guests write down words they think will be said during the shower or things they think the bride will open for gifts during the shower. Then play Bingo with their card once it is made:

Bridal Shower Bingo Game

Here’s a blank board and also a PDF with two boards ready to go that you can just print as many copies of as you need:

Bridal Shower Bingo Game



Bridal Shower Taboo Game:

To play this game, divide the attendees into 2 teams. Looking at the taboo cards, the person who is “it” will try to get the players on her team to say the word on the top of the card. BUT-she can’t say any of the other words written on the card or she’s out. Try to move through the cards as fast as you can. The team that gets the most words wins! (Set a timer and take turns.)


Here’s a sample card:

Wedding Taboo Cards

We’ve got the whole game ready for you to print. Here’s a 3 page PDF file for you:

Wedding Taboo Game


Bridal Shower Questions Game:

To play this game you will need to ask the groom his answers to the questions ahead of time.

Then, during the shower you will ask the bride to try to answer the questions as well and try to match the groom’s answers.

If you want to add a fun twist you can make her eat a piece of gum or candy each time she gets one wrong. Either way, this is a fun way for guests to get to know the couple and their love story.

Bridal Shower Questions Game

Bridal Shower Question Game


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Free Printable Bridal Shower Bingo Game

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