Nacho Neighbor Gift Idea

Sometimes you want to take your neighbors something super fun, super simple (cause we all know that Christmas is crazy busy right?!) and something unique that they didn’t already get 20 of right? Here’s a creative neighbor gift idea for the Christmas season that will make them smile and isn’t likely to be something they’ve gotten before! It’s our Nacho Neighbor Gift:

Nacho Neighbor Gift Idea

And how easy is that?! Just a quick trip to the store and packaging them up cute and you’re good to go! And we’ve even got a tag ready for you! Making this easy for you right?


Nacho Neighbor Gift Idea:

Supplies Needed:

  • Bag of Chips
  • Nacho Cheese
  • You could throw salsa in too!
  • Cellephane
  • Tag (below)
  • Ribbon



All you need to do is buy your chips and cheese.

Package them up in cellophane, tie a cute bow and add this cute tag.

You can right click and save this tag, then open it in a program like Word or Pages and size how you want, OR we’ve got a PDF file with a bunch of them on it and ready to print:

Nacho Gift Tag


That’s it! So quick, so easy, right?

Hope you have a FUN Christmas!

Danetta and Amber

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