Chocolate Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s probably becoming pretty clear that we’ve got a major thing for chocolate, and we also have a major thing for cute gifts. So when you make a cute, simple neighbor gift for Christmas that involves chocolate, we’re happy campers! We’ve got two gift ideas for you today-one with Hershey’s Kisses and one with M&Ms. Here’s a peek at what we’ve got.

Lots of Love Christmas Gift Idea:

Lots of Love Hershey's Kiss Christmas Gift Idea

We got a cute little polkadot container (from The Container Store) and filled it with holiday Hershey’s Kisses.

Hershey Kiss Gift

And then all that was left was to add a cute tag and a bow. Too easy right!?

And here’s our M&M version:

M&M Gift Idea for Christmas

We used the same containers and filled them with holiday M&Ms and then attached our little M&M tag. Super easy! Super cute!

Here’s the tags if you would like to use them.

We have a PDF of each with several on them already for you, or you can right click and save to your computer, then open in a program like Word or Pages and size how you want then print.

M&M Gift Tags

M&M Tag

And here’s the one for the kisses:

Lots of Love Gift Tags

Love of Love Tag

Package them up and have FUN giving them!

Cute M&M Christmas Gift Idea

Danetta and Amber

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Lots of Love Neighbor Gift Idea with Hershey's Kisses


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