20 Great Gifts for your Friends: A Gift Guide

Who has friends on their shopping list this holiday season?!  Sometimes my friends are the hardest people to shop for because they have what they need and don’t ever tell me what they want!  So to make your life easier (and to help myself out) I have put together this “20 Great Gift for your Friends: A Gift Guide” so you can find the perfect gift this holiday season.  The best part….all of these ideas come from Amazon, so with a click of a button, your shopping can be done!  Come check out these “20 Great Gifts for your Friends: A Gift Guide” and see if you can find something for the friends on your list!


20 Great Gift Ideas for your Friends:

Savvy Infusion Water Bottles:


Exfoliating Lip Scrub:

Lip Scrub

Dear foams Slippers:

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Adult Coloring Book:


Beach Tote:


Plush Blanket:


Pajama Pants:


Nail Polish Gift Set:


Infinity Scarf:


Bath Bombs:


The Queen’s Gambit:


Oil Diffuser:


Best Friends Bracelets:


Lip Gloss Set:

Lip Gloss Set

Bowl Set:


Pedicure Gift Set:


Flirty Apron:


Bath Pillow:


Boot Shaper Stands:

Boot Shaper Stands

Portable Charger:

Portable Charger

Have Fun Shopping!!

by Danetta

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  1. Sherry Wooten says

    The item at the top of my Christmas wishlist is a nice set of forged kitchen knives. I have used a set of stamped knives for nearly 20 years and they are okay but after splurged on 1 nice paring knife I have learned that a great set of knives can make all the difference. After lots of research I have my eyes on Wusthof.

  2. Nancy Shaw says

    My wish is for my husband to have a healthy new year. for a larger wish, it would be that my family has a prosperous new year and that everyone, everywhere has a peaceful and happy new year.

  3. Cheryl McGown says

    My wish for Christmas is that my family will be health and safe, now and in the new year. I also wish for a more Christian nation with less violence.

  4. christina purvis says

    My wish for everyone is to realize the true meaning of Christmas and sharing the joy of the season with others.

  5. Kathy Kauth says

    My Christmas Wish is for all fighting and violence to end, that the needed get help, the sick medicine, the lost and forlorn hope. I wish everyone could get along.

  6. Shelley says

    My Christmas wish is that my family will have a great year next year and that our new grandbaby will be born healthy. Thank you for a great site!

  7. Rachael says

    My wish for this season is to have my friends and family surrounding me safe and sound….oh and of course I will need my mug of coffee and enormous amounts of crafting supplies with me! 🙂

  8. says

    My wish for Christmas this year is for my husband to be able to find good, steady work…..and for the peace and love of Christmas to last the whole year.

  9. Brenda Cook says

    My wish for the new year is to find a way to get my roof repaired. I also wish for my family and friends to have a happy, healthy year.

  10. Karen says

    My wish-health and prosperity for me and my family. Sounds generic but so true. Our finances are a mess, husband is getting neck surgery and my health is a daily struggle.

  11. Jessica says

    I would love to have a new career that allowed me more time to spend with my family, and I want all the best for my children.

  12. Ms Sam Nicholson says

    Your list and your giveaway are phenomenal!!! Thank you so much!! Hope I win!! My wish would have to be that my family has a better year than the last, it was a rough one.

  13. Cindy Rollins says

    When I look at my two sons, who are all grown up and on their own, I think maybe my wish has already come true: that they would become fine young men. But I do wish for them both to be happy in their chosen professions and with their chosen partners.

  14. Melissa says

    I wish that I enough money to buy christmas presents to my family. It’s my first year in apartment and it’s been rough for all of us. We had all our up and down this year. More downs than ups and I just wish we can all be able to celebrate like we always did.

  15. Nancy says

    My Christmas wish is that our daughter will have an easy and safe delivery of their first born child this December and that mother and child will be strong and healthy.

  16. Maria says

    My Christmas wish is for peace and prosperity. I also wish for joy amd happiness for my children and that everything they wish for comes true.

  17. Candias Chalker says

    I want to complete my cutco set of knives….somehow three have gone missing and been gone for years, so this is the year I want my set once again complete

  18. Susan Harris says

    On a broader spectrum, my Christmas wish this season would be that more would come to know the true reason we celebrate this very special day – The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! On a more personal note, something that is on my Christmas wish list is an embroidery computer editing program for my embroidery sewing machine!

  19. Liz Porter says

    My wish this season is that my husband lands his dream job. He has a job now, but he is not enjoying it, which makes life a little less fun.

  20. says

    My wish for Christmas is to be able to spend time with my family scattered across the U.S. It is so hard with the physical distance between everyone.

  21. Sandy Allen says

    /My Christmas wish for this year is for a sewing table for my machine. I would love to get one of the extender tables so when I quilt I have more support!

  22. Suzanne says

    I want a new computer, but I’ll settle for the pressure cooker I just bought myself Black Friday shopping and a day or two of free time for myself. That would be the greatest gift this busy season.

  23. Tammy Jones says

    I would like to be able to come up with some extra money to buy my children some things for Christmas this year.

  24. aj says

    My wish for this Christmas is for my family to be healthy and happy, something that has been difficult for most of this year.

  25. Alison says

    My Christmas wish this year is that my family and friends are able to enjoy it without any illnesses. I can’t wait to see my children’s face when they see the presents under the tree

  26. Renea Yarolim says

    my wish is for everyone to have the feeling of financial freedom in the New Year. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  27. Lisa says

    My wish is for a relaxed holiday season so we can enjoy the fun. Oh, and a gift card from Hobby Lobby would be great, too.

  28. Diana G says

    My wish would be health, kindness, happiness & love for all … There needs to be more of helping each other than what is going on now in the world.

    Thank you for the great give away

  29. Lori M. says

    My wish would be that everyone has a peaceful and happy time enjoying the season with family, friends and strangers…..

  30. says

    My Wish is that people would treat the others around them they way they would like to be treated. That there would be more kindness in the world and more love. I watch some people who would do anything for those they love or know and others who would do anything to hurt those they are suppose to love. I am blessed with good people in my life. People that make up for the ones that are what you might call “mean girl type people”.
    Just remember that one day, you will have to answer for what you do. I am thankful for so many good people in my life.

  31. JoAnne T. says

    I wish that a dear friend who is having a very difficult time will be feeling better. She has so many troubles and now horrible back pain too. She has a two year old, is a single mother and cannot work when she is supposed to be in bed resting. God bless her. I don’t live anywhere near her so I cannot do much at all for her.

  32. Pam Giannetto says

    I wish that my Grandson gets to have snow for Christmas. We live in the south and he will be at his other grandparents in Chicago this year for Christmas. I want him to have the best time in the snow and cold.

  33. Melanee Phillips says

    My wish is to spread the spirit of Christ through the Christmas season.. We’ve been experiencing some major difficulties, but there is so much to be grateful for. I want to focus each day on the blessings we do have rather on what’s not going well.

  34. says

    My wish for the holiday is just to forget for the season that like me lots of people someone close to them is sick,they are financially struggling, (we have all girls and blessed with a baby boy on the way and we pray for healthy); forget all the ciaos in the news, enjoy and be happy in the fact that onlike alot of people I will be able to have a home cook meal with my family. Wish everyone has a meal or more to eat this season.

  35. Karim S. says

    My wish is to enjoy the holidays around family and loved ones, and for all of them to be happy and healthy. And to make my mom proud every day of my life from wherever she might be.

  36. Andrea says

    My wish list item is a storage building that is big enough for one side to be storage and the other side for entertainment/children play area. I always wish that all my family have a great Christmas together and to share the true meaning of Christmas with them

  37. Maria Bomar says

    My wish is for all of my loved ones to be healthy & happy and to be able to spend the holidays together.

    Thank you!!

  38. Carolann Leibenguth says

    My Christmas wish this year would be to have my entire family under one roof even if for only a day. We are scattered across the country, which makes holidays hard.

  39. Cindy A. says

    My wish is be able to adopt more angels on our local Angel Tree and to find a sweet baby kitten under the tree on Christmas morning. 🙂

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