Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

I. Love. Hot Chocolate. I drink it every day of my life, all summer long. But now it’s really the time of year that you can enjoy it, and enjoy it I do! I thought it would be extra fun to share the love with friends or neighbors at Christmas and put together a hot chocolate Christmas gift basket! (Or I’ve got some simpler ideas too.) How fun is this!?

Hot Chocolate Gift Basket for Christmas

It’s full of all the things a family might need to make gourmet hot chocolate. We’ve got the mix, great cups, straws and fun flavorings. Oh, and of course marshmallows! PERFECT!

All packaged up with a nice tag.

Looking for something a little simple so that you can easily take it to neighbors and friends, here’s a couple of easy versions. A cup with all the fixings:

Hot Chocolate Christmas Gift

Or just grab a container of your favorite hot chocolate, add a tag and you’ve got a great gift:

Easy Neighbor Gift Idea for Christmas

Want to make the basket? Here’s some ideas.


Hot Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas:

Here’s some ideas of things to include in the basket:

  • Hot Chocolate Mix
  • Hot Cups
  • Candy Canes
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Drink Flavorings (I think coconut would be amazing in it!)
  • Marshmallows
  • Andes Mints
  • Mini Flavor Mix Ins

What else would you add?

I found this cute crate at Target and filled it with tissue paper and all the fun gifts and added the cute tag!
Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

Here’s some tags to add. Three versions, take your pick! Just right click and save and open on your computer in a program like Pages or Word and size how you want:

warmestwishesdarkred warmestwishesgray warmestwishesgrayred


Have FUN giving these!

By Amber

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