Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving Day is such a fun day.  I love having my family gathered together, cooking, and being able to visit.  But have you ever needed something to fill the time between the turkey going in the oven and it coming out?  Or an after dinner activity?  I have just the thing for you…a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.  I have done this several years with my family and it’s a huge hit!  My kiddos look forward to the scavenger hunt every year.  In my family, we send the hubbies out with the kiddos to do the scavenger hunt while the ladies finish up dinner (I know, super cliche to have the women home cooking, but for this event it works like a dream!) 🙂  Everyone comes home so excited about their adventures, and the mood of the day is perfection!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Collage

This is such a fun way to spend the afternoon…the whole family will love it!  I always include some acts of service in my scavenger hunts and those are usually everyone’s favorites.  We’ve had some great experiences as a family with the service opportunities.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

I love how the kiddos work together to figure out a plan to win the scavenger hunt.  They get so excited to be part of a team and love to be involved.


This is a strategy session at its finest! 🙂


Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt:

Here are the rules and the scavenger hunt…all you need to do is print them! 🙂



Just click on these links and print!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Rules

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Have a FUN Scavenger Hunt this Thanksgiving!

by Danetta

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