Sympathy Gift Idea

Recently we had a good friend who was facing a hard, sad day and we wanted to do something for her. We knew that we couldn’t take the sad away, but we wanted her to know that we were thinking of her and that we cared, so we decided to put together a sweet little gift basket with a fun poem to go with it to let her know:

Sympathy Gift Idea

Sympathy Gift Idea:

Just simple gift basket filled with fun things to help your friend smile.

But with this fun poem:

Roses are Red
We Know That You’re Blue
A Little Something to Say
We’re Thinking of You!

Then we filled it with-of course red roses to match the poem, tissues for the sad day, chocolate ice cream and spoons because that’s how you sooth a sad soul right? And then just a few fun treats.


We packaged it all up cute and took it to her and her family that day.

You can fill yours with anything that will make your friend smile, even just a little.


Printable Tags:

Here’s a tag that you can use for the little poem if you would like. Just right click and save to your computer, then open in a program like Word or Pages and size how you like.

Or, here’s a sheet with a bunch of copies of it ready to print:

Sympathy Gift Tags


Danetta and Amber


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Sympathy Gift Idea

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