S’mores Minute to Win It Games

Hoping this is a fun spin on Minute to Win It games that you haven’t seen before. When we were throwing our S’more Fun Backyard BBQ party, we thought it would be fun to have some games, and S’mores just seemed like the thing to do! So we came up with some wild and crazy Minute to Win It games that are perfect for an outdoor party. The kids dragged their feet when we told them to come play-until they tried them and then they were SOLD!

S'mores Minute to Win it Games


S’mores Minute to Win It Games:

We’ve got 5 fun game ideas for you along with printable cards you can use at your party to give people instructions if you want!

S’mores Minute To Win It Game Cards



Game #1: S’mores Stack-

Give each player one minute to stack as many marshmallows as they can in one minute. Tallest tower wins!

S'mores Games


Game #2: Gimme S’more-

This is the twist on the classic game where you place a cookie on your forehead and have to slide it into your mouth without your hands, but this time you are using the S’mores fixings!

Starting with a graham cracker, place it on the player’s forehead and he has to slide it down from his forehead into his mouth without any hands. BUT, after finishing that, try it with a marshmallow and then a piece of chocolate!

S'mores Minute to Win It


Game #3: S’mores in a Bucket-

Place a line on the ground and line players up behind it. Place buckets about 10 feet away. Players have 1 minute to toss as many marshmallows into the bucket as they can. The player that gets the most in the bucket wins!




Game #4: Build a S’more-

Give the players all of the ingredients needed to make a S’more and two chopsticks or kabob sticks. They have to build a kabob using only the sticks. Each player races to make as many S’mores as possible in one minute.
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Game #5: S’mores Relay-

This is a classic relay, but players carry a S’more on a spatula from one designated spot to another. The team that gets the most S’mores across the line in 1 minute wins!


Have FUN playing!


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S'mores Minute to Win It Games

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