Nerf Gun Birthday Gift Idea

With three boys getting invited to birthday parties I am always looking for new gift ideas.  This Nerf Gun birthday gift is perfect!  My kiddos love Nerf Guns and get so excited to give them as gifts.  What I love about this present is that it works for any price point.  Simply choose your gun, print the tag, add a bow, and you have a present that will thrill.

Nerf Gun Birthday Gift Idea

What kiddo wouldn’t love this gift!?  Nerf Gun battles are so popular right now, you can’t go wrong giving this as a gift.  Also, think about using this tag with squirt guns too…that would be another awesome present.


Nerf Gun Birthday Gift Idea:

Print your cute tag and tie it to your Nerf Gun and you are all set!

Here’s the tag for you to use. To print it, right click, save to your computer and then open in a program like Word or Pages on your computer, size how you want (I usually size it about 3.5 or 4 inches) and print.

Or, here’s a PDF that has several on it ready to print:

Nerf Gun Tags Green/Orange

Nerf Gun Tags Blue/Orange

BirthdayBlastTag2 BirthdayBlast

by Danetta

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