Halloween Cupcake Stand & Cupcakes

You know that moment when you get an idea and it’s a really cool idea and you get really excited about it? That was us when we were standing in the party store and this idea started to come to us. We saw this fun black plate for Halloween and then the cute orange goblet with it and knew we could create a pretty awesome Halloween Cupcake Stand with it. And we got pretty excited in that moment. Here it is:

Halloween Cupcake Stand for Under $10 and in Under 1 Minute

The best news though? It cost under $10 to make this and only takes about 1 minute!

We used ours at our Witch’s Night Out Party and added really cute Witch Cupcakes to them:

Witch Cupcakes


Halloween Cupcake Stand:

Supplies Needed:

  • Platter
  • Cup/Goblet
  • Hot Glue

We found our platter and goblet at Zurchers in the Halloween section. You can get creative here and find any combo of plate and cup to make this.

We also want to note that ours isn’t super sturdy because of the nature of the goblet we used. That zig zaggy bottom looks cute, but makes the cupcake stand a little wobbly. If you want something more solid, use a more sturdy cup for the bottom.

Here’s how we made it.

Turn your plate over and trace the outer rim of your cup/goblet on the bottom.

Put hot glue on the part you just traced.

Add your cup and allow it to cool.

And you’re done! It’s that easy.

Here it is in video:

A lot of FUN right? Now you need to throw a party!

Have FUN doing it!

Danetta and Amber

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