Fall Glitter Pumpkins

As soon as my kiddos go back to school, my focus seems to inevitably change to crafting!  I trade in my pool toys for craft projects and am happy to do it.  These Fall Glitter Pumpkins are a perfect project for anyone who is looking for something quick and simple.  They only take a few minutes but are so fun when they’re done.  They are a perfect center piece for your Thanksgiving table or to decorate your home for fall.  Give them a try, you will be amazed at how simple it is.  I love this little polka dotted one…it’s my favorite.

Fall Pumpkin Decorations

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Fall Glitter Pumpkins:

Here’s a Shopping List:

  • Crafting Pumpkins
  • Liquid Glue
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Fall Leaves (Optional)

Here’s all you need to start this project.  Choose whatever craft pumpkin you love…we got these ones from Michael’s.  Pick your color of glitter and ribbon.  You will also need glue, any type of liquid glue will work, you just want one that won’t dry too fast.


Print out what you want the pumpkins to say on your computer in the font style you like.  Tape the paper to your pumpkin so it won’t move around while you are tracing your image.  You will need something with a point on it to trace the letters so it will dent the pumpkin.  I used a flat head screw driver to trace the letters and that worked really well.  Trace the letters, giving it enough pressure to make the mark through the paper onto your pumpkin.  When you are done, you should be able to read the word on your pumpkin.


Remove the paper.  Then trace the letters on the pumpkin with the glue.  Before the glue dries, sprinkle glitter generously across the top.  Do not rub excess glitter off the pumpkin until the glue is completely dry, then you can use a soft brush to clean off the excess glitter.  I would give it 12 hours to dry completely. To do the polka dots, I just made circles on the pumpkins with the glue.


Once the glitter is dry, you can add a cute ribbon on top.  I just used a hot glue gun to stick this bow on the top of the pumpkin.  This is such a simple project, and has so many possibilities…get creative!! 🙂

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece Idea

Have Fun with these Fall Glitter Pumpkins!

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by Danetta

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