Cute Halloween Suckers

We love a fun Halloween project-especially one that is simple and quick and cute, so these Halloween suckers are great! Each one takes about 30 seconds to make and the kiddos could do it too. We’ve attached cute little tags so they make a cute gift if you want to give them to friends. Or they’re a fun idea for a kid’s party. Here’s our witch, bat, frankenstein and pumpkin suckers for Halloween:

Halloween Suckers

When our kids caught a glimpse of these they went crazy. They loved them!


Halloween Suckers:

Supplies Needed:



This is pretty straightforward.

Unwrap the suckers from their packaging and then rewrap them in saran wrap. Tape it in the back. (This is just so that you don’t have text on the sucker’s face.

Use glue dots to stick the googly eyes on your sucker’s little face.

Cut a witch hat or bat wings from black card stock. Here’s a template you can use if you need one:

Bat Wings and Witch Hat Template

Witch Sucker

If you are making a pumpkin, cut a rectangle for the stem from green card stock and a couple of leaf shapes.

Halloween Pumpkin Sucker


Attach with glue dots.

For Frankenstein draw a scar with your black sharpie.

Frankenstein Sucker

Then we’ve got some cute tags for you! Here’s a PDF with a bunch of them ready to print:

Halloween Sucker Tags

Add the tags with a glue dot or hot glue gun. Back on card stock if you want.


And enjoy your little guys!

Halloween Suckers for Kids

Danetta and Amber

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