Coca-Cola Christmas Gift Ideas

Oh my goodness, these Coca-Cola Christmas Gift Ideas are almost too adorable!!  They are a perfect way to say Merry Christmas!  These were such fun putting together because I love Coke so much…and mixing it with flavors is perfection.  Take this same idea and use any soda you want to…Sprite would be just as adorable! 🙂  If you are wanting to give a gift card this holiday season, these are perfect…you can add a gift card to any of these ideas!  The theme of this post…simple!!

Coca-cola gift idea

Who wouldn’t love to receive these!?

Coca-Cola Christmas Gift Idea:


How fun is this little bottle of Coca-Cola, add a wedge of lime, straw, bow, tag and you have the perfect gift for the soda lover in your life.  This would be perfect for a co-worker, friend, teacher or neighbor!  Pick their favorite soda…and you’ll be a super star!

Elf Coke Can Christmas Gift

This little fellow couldn’t be simpler, and he’s too cute!

How to Make This:

  • Cut a triangle piece of felt and glue it to the top of the can (the hat will just shape itself).
  • Glue a pom pom on the tip of the hat on the “face side” of the can.
  • Hot glue on the eyes.
  • Hot glue on a nose.
  • Add ribbon around the bottom of the felt hat using hot glue.

He really is so simple…get creative with him!! 🙂

Coke Christmas Gift Idea

This six pack of coca-cola is as simple as it comes! I just added a bottle of coconut flavoring in one of the slots and limes in the other.  If you are a cola drinker you know how delicious this combination is, if you aren’t…just trust me…it’s amazing! This gift is so fun because you can use any kind of soda (Coke products come in these cute little bottles) and add any flavor of syrup.

Here are the tags for you to use to do these. You can right click and save to get any of them and then open on your computer in a program like Word or Pages and size how you want, or we have PDFs with a bunch of them ready to go.

Mix Some Fun Into Christmas Tags

Squeeze the Joy Into Christmas Tags


We’ve also got one that just says Merry Christmas if you would like that!

Merry Christmas Tag

Have FUN with Christmas Gifts!!

by Danetta

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