Candy Pumpkin Treat Cups

This is it! It’s a little early, but we are ready to hit it with all things Halloween! How can we possibly resist when there are so many fun ideas to work with!? This is a very simple way to tell someone Happy Halloween! It’s just a little orange treat cup filled with orange candy and tied with a green bow to look like a cute little pumpkin. Add a Halloween tag and you’ve got a perfect simple Halloween gift:

Easy Halloween Gift-Candy Pumpkin Treat Cups

You can fill it with any orange candy you want! We’re thinking those wonderful little candy corn pumpkins would be AWESOME! (Love those little things!) But really, orange slices or orange jelly beans or whatever you want will work!

Then take them to a friend! Or let the kids make them and give them to friends. Just a fun little Halloween gift idea.


Pumpkin Treat Cups:

Supplies Needed:

First slide your orange treat cup down into a cellophane bag. Then, all you need to do is fill the orange treat cup with your orange candy. Fill it a little above the top.

Tie with a cute green bow and add this tag.

Here’s a PDF file with a bunch of the tags ready for you to print. Or you can right click and save this tag to your computer and size it how you want and then print.

Happy Halloween Tags

Happy Halloween Tag

Hope you have FUN giving this little Halloween gift!

Danetta and Amber


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