Candy Corn Popcorn & Gift Idea

We both have a major thing for Candy Corn! It’s not only so yummy and addicting, but it’s so cute too! At this time of year we just fall in love with anything candy corn related and so we thought it would be fun to make a caramel corn that looks like candy corn and is packaged cute to make it a fun gift! Here’s our Candy Corn Popcorn Gift Idea:

Candy Corn Caramel Corn Recipe

Seriously? How can you resist something that cute? Can you?

OK, now add a cute little gift tag and it’s perfect:

Candy Corn Popcorn Halloween Gift Idea

Do you have a friend who would love to get this as a fun gift?

It’s easy to make!


Candy Corn Caramel Corn Recipe:

Grab the recipe for the caramel corn here:

Caramel Corn Recipe

Caramel Corn Recipe


Now, to make it look like candy corn caramel corn, you’ll need orange and yellow food coloring and a couple of Ziploc bags.

Put a third of your caramel corn in a Ziploc bag and add a few drops of the orange food coloring.

Shake vigorously and use your hands to smoosh it around a little to get the color to cover the popcorn.

Do this with the yellow in a separate bag.


Then you’ll simply need to layer them in a jar to package it up cute. Yellow on bottom, then orange, then use your plain caramel corn for the white.

Or you can mix them all up:

Halloween Popcorn

Now for the gift tag. Right click and save it to your computer and then open it in a program like Word or Pages to size how you want and print. Or, here is a page that has several tags ready to print:

Halloween Popcorn Gift Tags

Tie it on and you are set with a cute (and yummy) gift!

Have a FUN day!

Danetta and Amber

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